Collectible Terms

Non-sports trading cards

Are a particular kind of collectible card designated as such because trading cards have historically prominently featured athletes from the world of sports as subjects. Non-sports cards are trading cards whose subjects can be virtually anything other than sports-themed. Cards are based on movies and TV shows such as Star Wars or Buffy the Vampire Slayer often times relate the story of the movie or series in both picture and editorial form (information on cards). The front of the cards have a picture of an event or person in the movie or show, while the back describes the event pictured on the front. Often these sets will have character cards as well as behind the scenes or quote cards as well. While most card sets include a title card and a checklist card, being the first and last cards respectively, most Non-Sport Card sets now include different levels of chase insert cards in the packs. These chase inserts can be a sticker, refractor, prism, embossed, debossed, numbered, and other types of short prints in each pack of cards. Modern era non-sports card inserts can include autograph cards, sketch cards, cards that complete a nine card puzzle, memorabilia, costume and prop cards along with parallel sets which mimic the normal cards in the set with some slight difference like the color of the border or the finish on the card.

Sports trading cards

Sports trading cards are a type of trading card relating to baseball, basketball, football and hockey. Soccer (football), MMA, lacrosse, rugby, Nascar and other lower tier sports can be considered sports trading cards as well. The cards are usually printed on cardboard, silk, or plastic. These cards feature one or more sports players, teams, stadiums, or celebrities. Cards are most often found in the North America, but are also common in countries such as Cuba, and Japan. Some companies that are notable for making these cards include Topps, Bowman (Owned by Topps), Upper Deck, Panini, Donruss (Owned by Panini), Leaf and Fleer (Owned by Panini). Sports trading cards printed in the mid 80’s to mid 90’s have declined in value. This can be attributed to card manufacturers mass-production of cards and proliferation of counterfeit cards. However, sports trading cards are still one of the most influential collectibles of all time. Graded vintage sports trading cards have been gaining value for the past decade and show no signs of slowing down.


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